We Remember (October 2017 - September 2018)

Rosa Lopez

Dorothy Hubbard

Harvey M. Upton (Jr.)

Douglas E. Stewart

Franklin Francois

Lisabeth (Lisa) K. Kudwa

Wray K. Russ

Patricia Metzger

James Deitering

Grace Stanton

Beverly Johnson

Clara Wash

Christopher Martin

Carol Daup

Marc Trombley

Ramona L. Mazza

Loretta Brown

Matthew Lockhart

Catherine Pinson (Sanders)

Sharon Webster

Gilbert Luna

William Daup

Chalmer E. Claar

Jane C. Chambers

Joseph Wargo

Mary Floria

Agnes Backus

Mary Ketter

Irene Morgan

Joyce Lepri

Nelson Anderson

Eddie Skoczylas

Jerry Nuckolls

Eileen Fous

Medin Reyes

Charlotte Sylvain

Helen Keeler

William “Bill” Groves

Francisco A. Espinoza

Frederick Andre

Randall Flemming

Marion Davis

James Vaughan

Maurice Studer

Yvonne Stevens

Peter L. Diesel

Dennis Jones

James Rothley

Joy Birchmeier

Michael Floria

Martha Allen

Steven R. Hurst, Jr.

What is an All Souls' Memorial Service?

We will be having our second annual memorial service for all of our loved ones who have passed away. We will be saying prayers, hearing readings, and sharing the names of our loved ones.We would like to invite anyone who has lost a loved one to come and join us for an Evening of Remembrance. We will be saying prayers, hearing readings, and celebrating the lives of our loved ones.

When is the Service?

Friday, November 2, at 6:30p.m. in the Church.

Who is Invited?

We are inviting the whole church to come and remember our loved ones. It doesn't matter how long ago they passed, or where; we want to celebrate their life with you. Bring your family, and bring your friends, this is an event to share stories and love with one another.