What is CRHP?

Christ Renews His Parish is a process designed to bring parish members together and enhance their lives in Christ, emphasizing continued growth in Christian Life. All commitments, including our commitment to Christ, need renewal if we are to be faithful. Unlike many experiences that seek a temporary spiritual boost, this experience is meant to last a lifetime.

What can you expect from the CRHP weekend?

Expect to do nothing for yourself. This is your weekend to relax from all outside pressure and demands. You will be served great meals by past CRHP members, enjoy good company, meet other parish members, and have opportunities to respond to a closer relationship with Christ.

What happens during the weekend?

The weekend offers everyone an opportunity to participate in group activities and interactions, private and group prayer, and reflection time. You will listen to real life faith stories, presented by "Team Members" on such subjects as: The Father's Loving Care, Scripture, Eucharist, Christian Community, and Christian Awareness.

Where are the weekends held?

The weekends are held here at our parish in the old convent building. Sign in is 8:00a.m. on Saturday. The weekend will end on 4:00p.m on Sunday.

Where do people sleep?

All sleeping accommodations are coordinated by our hospitable team, to allow you to stay on our Campus. If you'd prefer, you can sleep at home and return in the morning.

Can I afford the weekend? What does it cost?

Absolutely! There is no charge for attending the renewal weekend. It is free. It is a gift from our parish to you. You are our guests.

What do I do about about attending Mass?

Celebrations of the Sacraments are an important part of the weekend and our Catholic lives. Everyone will have an opportunity to attend reconciliation with our parish priest. As a group, we will attend the 9:00a.m. Mass on Sunday.

What should I wear?

Whatever clothing you feel comfortable in is the best. The weekend is casual, but you may want a change of clothes for Mass.

Is God calling you?

You will be invited to attend through the announcements at Mass, in the bulletins, or perhaps by a personal invitation. Maybe the Holy Spirit is inviting you through these.

How do I sign up?

Simply use the form below and you're all set. One of our coordinators will contact you to confirm your registration.

When is the next CRHP weekend?

Women's Retreat: September 30 - October 1


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