What is Empower?

Empower is a monthly talk on the third Friday at 6:30p.m. in the Underground (basement of the school). Each evening we will be inspired by Prayer, Encouragement, and Praise...truly a one-of-a-kind PEP talk. These talks are centered around becoming better Disciples of Christ. Living out our faith can, at times, be hard, Empower is designed specifically to give us both the spiritual and practical encouragement we need in the day to day.

Why is Empower so important?

At it's heart, EMPOWER is our attempt to really disciple the parish to that next level. When we first brainstormed the idea, we thought of topics that would really help people understand, desire and grow as disciples. So the focus of EMPOWER really is the teaching. We always begin with good worship to til the soil of our hearts, followed by the talk, which, every month, has been phenomenal and inspiring teaching. 

We realize though that not everyone will be able to attend, so we will be recording the talk and giving out handouts and suggested follow up questions so all of us can pass on the teaching to our different groups and ministries. The vision is that even if not everyone can come, they can still hear the teaching and the entire parish will still be talking about the same topic each month and growing together in these qualities that will help make us all grow as disciples and a light to Burton. So I hope many of you will come along with other representatives from your different groups to worship, listen, learn, grow and pass on these truths to the rest of the parish.

Upcoming Dates

January 17 / 20

March 21 / 24

May 16 / 19