Every faith journey looks different. Why? Because God created us all with a unique plan and purpose. Below we have laid out a small sampling of what we offer here for your faith journey...but in reality, you can encounter God anywhere, you can serve God anywhere, you can connect with His Church anywhere. But, if you need some ideas, check us out, we'd love to walk with you, wherever your journey may take you!


Encounter and Worship

Encountering God can happen anywhere. You may be see Him in nature's beauty; you may hear Him in a song; you may recognize Him in an act of kindness....However it happens it is a moment that can change your life forever.

If you are looking to Encounter God and worship Him, here are some of the ways we have seen, heard, and recognized God....maybe you'll see Him too!


Decision Point

At some point in each of our lives, we will have to decide whether we will follow Christ, or not; to be a part of His Church, or not. We have two programs to help you explore our awesome faith.



Connecting with each other can totally change the way we live out our faith. When we support one another, tell our stories, and pray with each other, our faith can come alive in ways we could never expect. Here are some ways to connect with your faith and your church.



Growing in your faith, is an essential part to your relationship with God. Join one of our great groups on campus, or come and grow with us each month at Empower, and let's all grow in faith together!





When we serve, we are truly living out our wonderful faith. Join one of our liturgical ministries, serve in our neighborhoods with Acts 1:8, or ask us for other great ways to serve.