Faith in the Future is our forward-looking effort to provide for the needs of the parish.

Imagine a Church...
that is invested in its community.
that takes stewardship of the poor.
where families can come for financial, emotional, social, and spiritual support.
that offers free Catholic Education.
 that is a pillar of hope for Burton and Flint.
that is completely handicap accessible.
that is united with all local churches in one common vision for the good of our community.
 that is engaging, inspiring, and empowering for all ages and stages of life.


Reason for Existence

Seventy five years ago God placed Our Holy Redeemer Church in Burton, Michigan to bring Glory to God and to fulfill the mission of Our Holy Redeemer Jesus Christ. So we endeavor to bring Christ to every person we encounter, proclaim the Good News to our neighbors, and reach out to those in need, whether spiritual, physical, emotional or financial.

In an environment of Thanksgiving, we communicate God’s love for all people. God wants them to be a part of God’s family. We become the means that people connect to God. We are One Body in Christ. We acknowledge we need one another.

 Core Values

We are committed to Serve God, Love People and Make Disciples. We value the dignity of every person. Our Holy Redeemer is welcoming, inviting, accepting, preparing, equipping, commissioning, and forgiving. We worship God, and care for people. We believe in Unity, Education, Meeting people where they are at, and Ministering to unique individuals in ways appropriate to their needs.

We are a House of Prayer and Peace; a place of Healing and Wholeness. We are a holy place, set apart to meet God; a place of solitude, a place to be yourself, a place of mystery, renewing, and awakening.

We are Unique

We have a unique location with unique opportunities. We are not afraid to venture or fail. We trust in the Holy Spirit, in prayer, and in each other. We are committed to doing the work Christ has called us to do. We pray for each other and have become one team striving to do God’s will. Holy Redeemer is our home, and a home for everyone. We listen! And we are willing to try it again.

Stretch Goals

We are constantly stretching and looking forward with strategic intent. We imagine a church: where Catholic Education is free; that is completely handicap accessible; that reaches out to everyone in our parish boundaries; that is a light to Burton; that is a thriving parish for all ages, all people, all stages and states – from the ideal to the just trying to survive day to day.


Forward Looking

We are a forward looking parish with still much to do over the next 5, 10, 20, and 50 years. Here are things we must do in the near future or as on-going maintenance to our buildings: 

2 New Boilers for the Church and School

Finish Parking Lot

Annual Catholic Education Budget

Maintenance of Buildings


Carpeting (esp. in Convent)

Painting Exterior and Interior

Updating Bathrooms in Convent

Handicap Accessibility in Convent and School

Elevators in School

Update Kitchen in School

Chairs and Tables

Truck Maintenance

Tuck Pointing

Maintenance of Sidewalks and Concrete Work

Weather-proofing Stained Glass


New Windows in School

Asbestos Abatement

 We want to keep looking forward to help Holy Redeemer be a living and thriving beacon for our community for generations to come.


Letter from Fr. Steve

“Thank you so very much to everyone who made the Hearts on Fire” Capital Campaign a success. Having addressed the immediate needs of the past, we now faithfully look forward and plan for our future. Prudence would suggest that we continue the use of the purple envelope so that we might gather the funds we need over the next few years to meet the needs of Our Holy Redeemer as they arise. To initiate a forward looking financial plan for our future, I propose a faithful and    intentional response in which we have Faith in our Future. Please join me and our whole parish in a similar planned giving as we continue the use of our Purple Envelope and put our Faith in the Future.” - Fr. Steve Anderson

Fr. Steve's Personal Commitment

The Dream

If every family gave an additional $40per month in the Purple Envelope, that would mean an additional $500,000 for our budget and we would be able to:

· Financially assist our families and send our children to Catholic School

· Fund our maintenance and ministries

· Never do a fundraiser again

· And so much more!


More Information

For more information, or if you have any questions, please contact our Business Manager, Ken Jubar.

Ken Jubar