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Fr. Steve Anderson - Pastor


Welcome to Holy Redeemer. These are good times for us. We are growing and God is renewing and refreshing us in so many ways. It is really all about Jesus. Our mission is to Serve God, Love People, and to Make Disciples.

Serve God

Here, we are committed to making Sunday Matter in your everyday life. Sunday matters, because you matter. You were created for more than this world could ever offer. We work very hard to make Mass, Jesus, and your Faith come alive. In our weekend messages, you will be given inspiration, encouragement, and the grace you need to live out this awesome faith in your home, community, and workplace.

Love People

Here, Christ is truly moving in our lives, and we want you to know that you are not alone in your faith journey. We want to join you, right where you are at. Whatever burdens you bear, whatever is going on in your life; you really are welcome here.

Make Disciples

We intentionally seek to become who God created us to be, a people committed to the mission of Christ. We challenge each other to live a life uncommon, to become his disciples.

We all have our unique and meaningful place in the Body of Christ and here at Holy Redeemer. You belong; you are welcome, just as you are.

God's Peace and Love to all,
Fr. Steve Anderson