Advent Expectation

When was the last time you had a really memorable Advent? A dynamic spiritual life is a beautiful gift, but in order to receive this gift, we must prepare. This Advent, let us help you prepare a place in your home and heart for the coming of Jesus. Let us help you to be the light of Christ in your world.


Love God. Love People.

The greatest commandment is to love God and your neighbor. To obey the call to love God requires us to love to love each, but also, to love ourselves; these three are inseparable. In this series we ask for God’s grace to help us love as God loves us.


Belonging: Never Alone

To belong is the most profound human need. Feeling isolated can be the most difficult pain a person can endure. God created us to belong, to love, and to be loved. In this series, learn how God wants us to connect with others and know that we are never alone.



Holiness is not a destination, it’s a journey. It’s about making the next right decision, it’s about taking the next step. This series details for us the steps of intentional discipleship: Service, Tithing, Engaging, Praying, and Sharing. What’s your next step?


More Than Enough

Jesus is More Than Enough for us. He gives us exactly what we need, right when we need it. He gives us all that is necessary and more. He takes our failings, our short-comings, our small gifts, and turns them into everyday miracles.


Return to Sender

The world needs you. Right now, just as you are, the world needs you. You are being personally sent into the world by God to be you, because the world needs what you have. The world needs God’s light shining through you.


Made Possible

God did amazing, miraculous, and seemingly impossible things, and he wants to do them for you to. Let’s really, actually, truly believe that God can make the impossible, possible in our life. We can change the world, because God has changed us.


Real Life

Are you living an Easter life? A life of peace, renewal, without masks or artifice? Are you truly living? A life centered in Jesus is really living, it’s not fake, and it doesn’t pass away.