Parish Council Notes

3 Takeaways

January 8, 2019

  1. An ongoing focus on instilling & fostering a sustainable faith in the youth (Youth Group, high school), by facilitating encounters with the Risen Christ & the Holy Spirit, & working so that those encounters are not sabotaged upon returning home by facilitating encounters & ongoing faith formation among parents.

  2. Re-communicate/over-communicate the rationale for demolishing the Old School (to be good stewards of the parish's funds & physical plant, because to renovate the building to be A.D.A. & health& safety compliant would be prohibitively, outrageous expensive). It's time.

  3. Prayerfully consider what your group might do to help our fellow parishioners have a powerful encounter with the Living God this Lent. Ash Wednesday 2019 is on 6 March; please communicate your group's Lenten plans to Mrs. Emily Arthur at least two weeks before Lent begins.