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Holy Redeemer offers Religious Education to any and all children of the parish for free! Parents are given a variety of programs and schedules (detailed below) to choose from to help in their children’s faith formation. Classes take place in the Large Brick School Building located next to the Church. Weekly program classes begin in September. Whole Family Catechesis begins first Sunday of October

Religious Education Forms are mailed to current students. Registration forms will also be available at the Welcome Desk in the Church or the Parish Office.  Or simply fill out the form below.

WEEKLY SUNDAY MORNING (11AM-12:15PM / once a month parent involvement)

Catechesis of the Good Shepherd Level 1 (for Pre K-1st Grade) and Level 2 (1st-2nd Grade) or “CGS” is a Montessori style method of teaching the faith that is very hands on and intuitive for children in a prayerful environment called an Atrium. In over 50 years since Sofia Cavalletti (a colleague of Maria Montessori) developed the method, CGS has proven to be effective in giving children moments of learning that nurture a love for Jesus, for his Church and a deeper appreciation for the Mass.

2nd Grade Conventional Classroom: will incorporate fun and engaging lessons following the Hands-on Bible curriculum with additional catechetical points based on the monthly Whole Family Catechesis topics.

WEEKLY SUNDAY EVENING (6:15-7:30PM / once a month parent involvement)

1st -8th Grade Conventional Classroom: will incorporate fun and engaging lessons based on RCL Benzinger Faith First textbooks (for 1st & 2nd Grade), Hand on Bible (3rd/4th & 5t/6th Grade) and LifeTeen/EDGE (7th-8th Grade) curricula with additional lessons based on the monthly Whole Family Catechesis topics.


Pre-K to 8th Grade Whole Family Catechesis Format: is held on the 1st Sunday of the month from October to May. It begins with a family meal, prayer and then students are led to their classrooms while parents are instructed on the month’s topic and follow-up home discussions.

  • Parents whose children are specifically registered for Whole Family Catechesis will demonstrate their children’s grasp of the topic by submitting “weekly home discussion assignments” at the following month’s meeting. (Note: apart from the great value of teaching the faith at home, this also helps fulfill the diocesan required number of religious education classes each year).


All students preparing for first communion (2nd Grade) will have three additional sacramental prep meetings. More information will be given about this at the Parent Orientation on the first day of class.


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Rafael Urgino
DRE, and Evangelization