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What happens when no one ministers to the emotional and spiritual needs of the separated and divorced?

They can feel doubly rejected and get angry or depressed.

They may end up hating the Church or, worse, God.

They may leave the Church to go where they are welcomed. 

Many non-Catholic church members are ex-Catholics who left because of divorce-related issues. Their children are confused, the whole family is affected, and the Church family and the community suffer as well. Let us walk with you through this difficult time.

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Journey of Hope is a special program addressing the concerns of separated / divorced Catholics. It offers support and addresses important issues that arise as a result of divorce. The strong emphasis on prayer, scripture, and Church teachings leads to healing and abetter relationship with Christ.

We are so fortunate here to have a Divorce Support group. Here are some of the topics that we cover:

How Do I Deal with my Anger? Do I need to Let Go? Should I Date?
What Does the Church Say About Divorce? Do I Have to Forgive? Suffering Has Meaning?!?
Can I Receive the Sacraments? Why Does God Allow Divorce to happen? Dealing with Your Ex-Spouse
How do I Deal with My Children? What Is an Annulment? Finding Hope for the Future

Am I Still a Loveable Person?

When Do Sessions Start?

We will begin our next group in August 2019


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If you would like more information about the Catholic Church and divorce, please contact Fr. Steve.

Fr. Steve Anderson