Please help keep our church - your home clean!

Skilled Chores

(Note: only volunteer for this task if you have the skills to complete it.)

Hedge Trimming (Requires use of trimmers)

Lawn Mowing (Requires use of riding-mower)

Window Fixing (Broken Windows in Gym)

Toilet Fixing (Toilet in Rectory needs fixing)

Floor Cleaning (FLC and Church, requires use of floor machine)


Group Chores

Funeral Lunches

Winter Team (shoveling and salting walk-ways)

FLC Deep Clean

Regular Chores

(Note: these chores can be done on a regular basis)

Dusting (cobwebs in church windows and entry-ways)

Doors Washing (all entry-way glass doors need washed)

Mopping (church, school, and FLC)

Bathroom Check-ups (Church - empty trash, fill paper products, etc)

Baptismal Font (Metal basin needs to be scrubbed)

Kneeler Check-up (Check all the kneelers for maintenance issues)

Pew Treating (Clean and treat pews)

Shoveling (move dirt on campus)

Litter Pick-up (pick up trash around campus)

Emptying Garbage (Church - check all cans, empty if full)

Sidewalk Sweeping (regular sweeping of dirt, leaves, and grass)


I want to help!

If you would like to help keep Holy Redeemer clean, please contact our Business Manager, Ken Jubar to discuss how you can help.

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