March 25, 2018 Reflection

Palm Sunday we get this really familiar passage, this long Gospel reading—the story of Jesus' passion, everything from the Last Supper, all the way to the stone rolling in front of the tomb. We get the whole story.

I think it's easy when you read this story, to want to jump right from Palm Sunday to Easter—to want to skip over the death, to get through the death, to get over the death, and just get right to Easter Sunday. Skip Holy Week, skip Good Friday, just give us Easter. Give us the good stuff. I think that's easy to do because it's just very human, right?

We all have darkness. We all have our own little version of Palm Sunday somewhere in our lives. There's something that hurts, something that's hard, something that's dark, and we want to find our way around it. We we want to find a way to skip over it. We don't want to go through it. We want to get right to the Resurrection. We want to skip the death and get right to the Resurrection.

I mean, even Jesus, right? Even Jesus is like . . . He's in the garden, and what's he say? “Lord, let this cup pass from me. Don't make me go through this. Isn't there a way around it? Isn't there a way I can skip over it?”

No. There is no way around the darkness in our lives; it's there. There is no way to skip over it. And Jesus shows us we've got to go through it.

I know it's easy, right? It's easy to want to skip the Palm Sundays and the Holy Weeks of our lives and just try to get to Easter. But God shows us in this Gospel passage—invites us. It invites us to enter into the darkness for a while, to embrace it, to go through it, so we can get to Easter.



Jesus handed himself over for us.


Read today’s Gospel (Mark 14:1–15:47), and reflect on what makes it hard for you to believe in God.


Jesus, find me in the darkness.

Dominick Albano, Best Lent Ever