We are committed to Sundays - to make a noticeable difference in your everyday life. So when you come here, whether it be to visit, volunteer, or worship, we want to help you be exactly who God created you to be - Loved. So check us out, we'd love to meet you!


Mass Times:

Saturday: 4:00p.m.; Sunday: 9:00a.m., 11:00a.m., 5:00p.m.

Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday: 8:30a.m.; Wednesday 6:30p.m.


What does the music sound like?

Click the music and links below to hear some of the music you may hear at Holy Redeemer.


What makes Holy Redeemer unique?


Challenge of the Week

At the end of every weekend Mass, we are challenged to intentionally live out our faith, specifically through a challenge. Our challenge is based off of the Readings and Homily, and it connects what we have heard all through Mass to our everyday lives.

Challenges help us to really focus on what it means to be a disciple everyday.


Reflection of the Week

Every week before Mass begins, we watch a short reflection video to help prepare us for the Readings and Homily and also to really make the Mass come to life for you. In addition, we send out an article that reflects on the readings and homily. Sometimes its a simple message of hope, other times a poem, still other times it could be a direct look at what Jesus said this Sunday. Come and be inspired!


Prayer Teams

If you are struggling, in need of support, connection, and understanding, we invite you to come and pray with our prayer teams. Teams are available after every Mass on the weekends. So come, and we will share your burdens.

If you would like prayer now, send us a prayer request, and we will pray for your intention at every Mass


Where is Holy Redeemer?


For directions, simply click the Google icon in the bottom-left corner or click here


Where do I park and enter at the church?