Weekly Challenge: March 25, 2018

Fast from Hesitation: It can seem ab intimidating prospect - inviting God into your life. But it is a choice that must be made,,,either he is ultimately important in your life, or not at all. Your challenge is to not live in perpetual hesitation, but choose - choose Christ. And when you choose him, dive fully into the Easter Triduum!

Weekly Challenge: March 18, 2018

Fast from Negativity: It's so easy to slip into a habit of negativity, especially when things are not going our way. It's also easy to get trapped in another's negativity. This week, focus on the positve, be grateful, cherish the good things, even if they are small. And when you are in the midst of another's negativity, change the subject, or if necessary, walk away.

Weekly Challenge: March 11, 2018

Fast from quick judgments: Everything has a label these days....but labels aren't always something to be desired. When we label people, we are not seeing them as people, indivitudals, children of God. This week, for every perosn that you see, take a moment, see them, don't label them, see them as a unique perosn with their own story, on their own journey.

Weekly Challenge: March 4, 2018

Fast from being closed: This one might take a little description. Sometimes in our life, we have a profound experience, but then we forget, time passes, and we move on. This was not the case for the woman at the well. When she encountered Jesus, not only was that a life-changing experience, but she went out and shared it with her whole village. This week, when we encounter God, let's not keep it to ourselves, let's not be closed off, but we too can go out and change the world around us.

Weekly Challenge: February 25, 2018

Fast from Fear: In Lent we are called out into the desert, called to the mountain top, called away from it all, to be with God. This can be intimidating; we wonder what will happen, and how we will react. We are faced with another challenge when we go to be with God - we leave distractions behind. And when we leave them behind we are faced with ourselves....who we really are. This week, join God on the mountain top, and do not be afraid, but let God tell you who you really are to him. 

Weekly Challenge: February 18, 2018

Fast from Complaining: This week, in addition to your normal fast, fast from complaining. This one is going to take a serious conscious effort. Sometimes complaining just comes so seemingly natural. So this week, pay attention to where your heart is, and remember, a grateful heart silences a complaining voice.

Weekly Challenge: January 28, 2018

Clean up: This week take a good look around your life right now...how are your relationships: with your family, friends, co-workers with God. Life can get messy, right?! Take some time to make a plan as to how you can start the clean-up, then ask God to help heal these relationships.

Weekly Challenge: January 7, 2018

Follow:  The magi followed the star, seeking the Messiah, the King. This week, reflect on what you follow. Do you follow sports, news, trends. How important is following these? How much of yourself do you invest in these? Spend a little more time each day seeking Jesus, following the Light.

Weekly Challenge: December 17, 2017

Find Joy: In our world, it's sometimes hard to have joy. We all want to be joyful, so why don't we go looking for it. Sometimes some of our most joyful experiences are also some of the most difficult ones. This week, go looking for joy, and you might just find it.