Weekly Challenge: November 12, 2107

Prepare: Spend some time this week looking at how much time and effort you put into things in your life. Then, look at how much time you spend preparing to meet God; how do they compare? If you find that you aren't investing your time wisely, make small changes. Make them one at a time, let them become a habit, and keep on growing!

Weekly Challenge: October 29, 2017

Love: Make a conscious effort this week to love. We may find that at times we do not love, or even like ourselves; neighbors can be difficult, and God can be confusing. Do something this week to show that you love yourself, your neighbor, and God.

Weekly Challenge: October 22, 2017

Give - This week, focus on how you give yourself. How do you give your time, your talents, your faith? If you struggle in giving, pray that God gives you a generous heart and mind. Make a conscious effort to give a little of yourself each day to people you encounter.

Weekly Challenge: October 15, 2017

Intercede: So much is happening at Holy Redeemer and we as a parish are trying everything we can to share the Gospel to anyone and everyone. But as Jesus said, "Some things can only be overcome by prayer and fasting."(Mk 9:29) Please consider committing to be an intercessor and pray this prayer daily and, if possible, to regularly fast for our efforts at Holy Redeemer........Dear, LORD, we pray for our parish, Holy Redeemer.  Bless all our programs, groups, and ministries; the staff and all volunteers. Protect us andhelp us to be faithful to the mission you've given us:   We especially pray that each parishioner and person around our parishmay encounter the real and life-changing presence of Jesus.  Send your Holy Spirit like a mighty rushing windto bring about a spirit of genuine and continuing conversion.  In Jesus name, Amen+

Weekly Challenge: October 8, 2017

Reflect:  Reflect on your attitudes of HUMILITY...Why do I do what I do? Is it all about me?...HELPFULNESS...How do I help people come closer to Jesus? Do I leave them to figure it out on their own?...GENEROSITY...How do I share what I have with the Church, those in need, and those who have less? Do I keep everything for myself?...MERCY...How ready and able am I to forgive? Do I condemn, judge and hold grudges?

Weekly Challenge: September 17, 2017

Forgive: Think about your life, your past. Think about the relationships you've had with your parents, friends, classmates, the people you work with, and strangers. Do you still harbor a grudge? Do you have a hard time letting go of an injury? This week, pray for the courage to forgive them...and if you already have, forgive them again.

Weekly Challenge: July 2, 2017

GIVE A FIELD REPORT: How is it going on your mission to bring Christ to another person. Remember, God has placed you in this time, and in your situation to be Christ to someone... who will it be today? Think about who this person is, pray for them, pray for thier heart and for God to give you the courage and the exact words to say.

Then, give us an update! If you need help, let us know. Let us know how you progress!

Email Deacon Ken: kennethp@holyredeemerburton.org