Weekly Challenge: September 17, 2017

Forgive: Think about your life, your past. Think about the relationships you've had with your parents, friends, classmates, the people you work with, and strangers. Do you still harbor a grudge? Do you have a hard time letting go of an injury? This week, pray for the courage to forgive them...and if you already have, forgive them again.

Weekly Challenge: July 2, 2017

GIVE A FIELD REPORT: How is it going on your mission to bring Christ to another person. Remember, God has placed you in this time, and in your situation to be Christ to someone... who will it be today? Think about who this person is, pray for them, pray for thier heart and for God to give you the courage and the exact words to say.

Then, give us an update! If you need help, let us know. Let us know how you progress!

Email Deacon Ken: kennethp@holyredeemerburton.org

Weekly Challenge: May 28, 2017


This week, spend 5 minutes each day in the classroom of silence...clear your mind, don't come before God with any agenda, just be in His presence, let him come into your heart, and give you peace.