What do I need to do to get anointed?

Simply make an appointment with Father Steve Anderson, or join us on the first Thursday of the month at the 8:30p.m. Mass, where we will have annointings following Mass.

Who can receive this anointing?

You don't need to be "at death's door" to receive this sacrament, that's a common misconception. This sacrament is appropriate for anyone who is going to have a major surgery, if you become seriously ill, or even if you are suffering from the effects old age.

Who can give this anointing?

Because the sacrament of confession often accompanies this sacrament, only a priest or a bishop may give the sacrament.

Do I have to be dying to receive this anointing?

Here's another misconception. This sacrament used to be called "Last Rites", which led to many people waiting until the last moments of life for this sacrament; and also led to people believing that death was imminent if a priest visited them.

What does this anointing do?

This anointing is primarily for preparing the recipient for eternal life. Prayers are offered for physical healing, but even if physical healing does not come, this sacrament prepares the spirit to endure illness and prepares the soul for passing to eternal life.