Catholic Divorce Survival Guide.jpg

What is it? 

The Catholic’s Divorce Survival Guide is a twelve part program that brings healing and hope to divorced and separated Catholics. With the help of expert counselors, theologians, and priests, author and presenter Rose Sweet guides participants from pain and loneliness to hope and healing. Practical advice meets spiritual growth through the Sacraments, the teachings of the Church (including the Theology of the Body), and wisdom from experts and others who have suffered through divorce. As divorced and separated Catholics experience this pastoral program, their lives are rejuvenated, their hope is restored and their faith in Christ and his Church is renewed.

What do sessions look like?

DVD Presentation

Small Group Discussion

Wrap Up Gathering

Who is the program for?

For men and women who are separated and divorced

What will I gain by attending?

  • Learn how to gain personal healing and hope

  • Discover how to work through the emotional upheaval of separation and divorce

  • Gain wisdom from experts and others who have share their experiences

  • Learn how to navigate through new financial concerns

  • Address questions of forgiveness, family, and new relationships

  • Gain an understanding of the meaning and purpose of the annulment process