Steps to Planning a Funeral

  • Call your preferred funeral home
    • They will guide you through the planning process.
  • Make an appointment with Fr. Steve Anderson
    • He will help you finalize any details for the funeral.
  • Be present to one another
    • Celebrate your loved one's life
    • Comfort each other

Ways to Celebrate a Life

  • We will display your loved one's name on the back wall of our church until our All Souls Celebration
  • Flowers for the Altar
  • Memorial Candle
  • Mass Intention
  • Make a bequeath to the Church or parish group

Funerals at Holy Redeemer

We prefer to celebrate funerals at Holy's the best way to pray for a loved one, and celebrate their life.

Please contact our Director of Worship to discuss music for the funeral.

Daniel Schmit
Director of Worship

Common Music for Funerals


Common Readings for Funerals

Click on the readings to view them.