About Raffy


Favorite ice cream? - Rocky Road

Hometown? Quezon City, Philippines

Best perks of your job? - having a front row seat when people encounter Jesus! It's awesome!!!

Last book you read for fun? - Chronicles of Narnia - The Last Battle

Favorite bible verse, and why? - Just recently - 1 John 5:13... I really struggled with this one... I mean, "can you really "know" you have eternal life?  But after really struggling with and reading this verse -- the chapter before and after it -- it made sense; the more you really know who Jesus is... how much he loves you... how powerful he is... what he has promised and how he always keeps his promises... then you realize that eternal life is assured simply because HE'S JUST THAT GOOD!

What figure from the Bible has inspired you the most, and why? - you mean, apart from Jesus, the Blessed Mother... and countless others...I'll go with Shamgar son of Anath. Little is said of this obscure judge from Israel's dark ages, but he must have been an ancient ninja or super hero to have done what he did, considering what he used to do it!